Pioneers in air technology, Almonard and has two ultra-modern manufacturing facilities. One in Vadodara (Gujarat) for industrial fans which is over 1 lac sq ft, and one in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) for air pollution control equipment which is over 35,000 sq ft.

Vadodara, Gujarat Manufacturing plant

Vadodara, Gujarat Works is having one of the most High Tech Manufacturing Facilities, which houses all sort of manufacturing Plants under one Roof on 1Lakh sq.ft. Factory Land such as,

Hi-Tech Workshop with CNC / Automats / Auto-Drilling etc for achieving mass production of Fan Parts.

  • Automatic Motor Winding Plant.
  • Die Casting Plant.
  • Foundry.
  • Automatic Grill Making Plant.
  • Motor Stamping Plant.
  • Powder Coating & Painting Plant.
  • Electroplating & Buffing Plant.
  • Plastic Inject Molding Plant.
  • Wooden & Cartoon Packing Plant.
  • Fan Assembly Plant.

Chennai, Vishakapatnam, Tamil Nadu Manufacturing Plant

Chennai, Vishakapatnam, Tamil Nadu Works is spread across 35000 sqft of factory land and has facility to make huge equipments and systems for project orders, which are normally tailor made based on customer and site requirement. The works is divided systematically to carry out manufacturing of various equipments & systems under PCD division as under:

  • Air Curtain Manufacturing Division.
  • Mancooler Manufacturing Division.
  • Axial Flow Fan Manufacturing Division.
  • Centrifugal Fan Manufacturing Division.
  • System Manufacturing Division.
  • Dedicated Painting Shed.
  • Dedicated Admin & Design Office.
  • Sales & Service Division.
  • R&D Department.