Our Pledge
Highly responsible for product quality
  • Strictly implementing ISO9001:2008 quality management system.
  • Implementing the "total quality management system", establishing a strict "three-inspection" (first article inspection, self-inspection, and mutual inspection) system. (Implanting the "total quality management system" in the minds of the employees of the production lines through a series of lectures, skill competitions, rational proposals, technology and innovation activities, etc.)
  • Almonard adheres to the "zero- defect" quality control concept, carefully inspects each product and strives to perfectly meet customer needs.

Highly responsible for dealers
  • It constantly improves the products, and timely improves sales and marketing work according to market changes and consumer demand.
  • Supporting customers to develop reasonable and standardized promotion programs.
  • The company will handle any problem related to the products or the strategy of the company in a timely manner to avoid any delay or evasion that may cause losses or damage to customers.
  • Implementing standard staff management, standard image display, and continually cultivate the sense of responsibility and accountability of employees.

Service Advantages
  • Service Network spread across India in 21 locations as well as through more than 10000 dealers.
  • The main part can be trade-in through old-for-new service.
  • Vulnerable parts can be replaced free of charge for a certain amount.
  • Establishing a professional maintenance team.
  • Each product is provided with a warranty for 12 months by a valid instrument.
  • The performance and quantity of the products should be in line with or higher than the national standard.
  • If the products have lot sizing quality problems, Almonard will bear the transport expenses occurring therefrom, and issue a quality problem analysis report and take corrective and improvement measures within 3-7 days according to the complexity of the problems, and ensure that there will be mo similar problems in the next batch of products.