Industrial Mancoolers

Almonard high performance Mancooler having Robust Construction, Aerofoil dynamically balanced Cast Aluminum Impellers & heavy duty TEFC 'F' Class continuously Rated Motor facilitates the shop floor in the Industries to provide a better environment for their employees in turn results in higher working efficiency and increase production.

Almonard Mancoolers are designed to give higher Air Flow to a longer distance which is must in Industries like Glass Manufacturing, Automobile, Moulding Shop, Steel Industries, Aircraft Companies, Railway Shed, Power Plant, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing etc.

Almonard Mancooler has longer life and durability to work in extreme Industrial Conditions.

Almonard Products are combined with Quality & Performance to give trouble free operations for years to come.

Mancoolers are available in three types: Wall Mounting, Pedestal & Tubular to cater different requirements.