Dust Collectors

Dust collectors remove contaminants from an air or gas stream. degree of removal required, quantity, characteristics of the contaminants to be removed and conditions of the air or gas stram wil have a bearing on the equipment selected for any given specification

Almonard had developed an entire range of dust collectors to suit the needs of various industries and are made under strict supervision of highly qualified and experienced fan engineering team to give one of the world class highly efficient dust collectors.

Almonard dust collectors are categorized as under:

Gravity Dust Collectors:

The earliest form of dustcollectors used by industries. Though they do not form part of current dust extraction systems, they still find application in collection of fibrous large volume dust like paper cut pieces in book/notebook manufacturing industies.

Cyclone Dust Collectors:

Almonard has two ranges of cyclonic dust collectors,one is gravity cyclones; mainly for large,light weight and fibrous dust particles;the second one high efficiency cyclone dust collectors suitable for heavy and fine dust particles.however the efficiency of such collectors are limited to particles larger than 50 microns.

Unit Dust Collectors:

Since for small applications, industries want small collectors which can be located just by the side of the dust generating machines, Almonard has fabric unit dust collectors. They come with either manual shaking or electrical, shaking models.

Low ratio/High ratio bag filters:

Almonard has in its manufacturing range both the versions of fabric dust collectors. The speciality of Almonard dust collectors is that they are custom built to suit the exact requirement of specific industries.

Almonard can also give different filter fabrics for filter bags depending upon the nature and severity of the dust conditions. Almonard dust collectors are very sturdy with channel/i-beam supports with proper angle bracings,panels made of heavy gauge sheet metal.

Low ratio bag filters are off-line bagfilters since the particluar section of the bagfilter has to be taken off the line of suction during mechanical shaking whereas the high ratio bag filters are on – liner bagfilters since only each row of bags is taken up for compressed air cleaning. Since the pressure of compressed air pulse is around 5 bar, there is no need for taking off-line.

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