Supreme Water Heater

ALMONARD Almonard presents the Supreme High-Tech range of water heaters incorporated with latest technologies and advanced safety features. These Water heaters are made out of ABS plastic which eliminates the possibility of trust or corrosion.

Almonard products are warranty for 2 years

Special Features

Blue Diamond enamel coating on inner tank prevent corrosion.

Exclusive single weld line on inner tank.

Multi functional safety valve acts as a pressure release valve, non return valve, an anti vacuum valve, and drainage facility.

Incoloy glass lined heating element prevents formation of scale.

High precision thermostat switches of the power supply if temperature of water exceeds the pre-set temperature of 75C.

Pre-set thermal cut out cuts off power supply if any fault occurs, ensures the safety of water heater.

With stands upto 8 bar of high water pressure suitable for high-rise buildings.

Thick PUF insulation saves energy upto 40%.

Heavy duty magnesium anode provides extra protection.

Adjustable knob for temperature control from 250C to 750C.

Capacity Litres Rated
Max. Temp.
Pressure (Bar)
Voltage (Volts)
Power (Watts)
6 750C 8 230 2000
10 750C 8 230 2000
15 750C 8 230 2000
25 750C 8 230 2000

  Mounting Dimensions in MM
Capacity Litres A B C D
6 255 312 62 100
10 263 385 62 100
15 305 386 62 100
25 350 455 62 100

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